Pt 3.
Your Feelings Are You
By Chandra Bankston

                                                                                2017 1st Edition

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The choice is yours
Happiness is not given.
It is created by you
How high is your self

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You have the right to be happy

Don't let fear keep you from living the life you deserve.
No matter what anyone says about you, the way you feel
about yourself matters the most, because
your feelings are you. In order to be happy you have to
choose to be happy. No one can do that for you. Others
may make you frown at times, but you don't have to
keep a frown on your face for rest of your life.

Remember: If you don't like something about yourself,
change it. But be sure it's based on what makes you
happy.  Your life was created for you to live it, not for
someone else to.
You have the right to take control of your own life. You
have the right to decide  what is best for you. So what
do you want to do?
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Do you want to tell your story
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If only I can fix this then everything will be

Perhaps you are waiting for something or someone to
change. You may think if this happens, you can live the
way you want to and be who you really are. But why
should anyone change when they are getting what they
want by controlling you?

Change only happens when a person has their own
reason to change, not just because you need them to.
Plus, when you try to change someone else, even if it is
what's best for them, you are now trying to control their

Oppression is a two way street. If you begin to do what
others have done to you, you are now becoming who
they are, losing your identity and denying your true self
for new reasons.