Who We Are: CTC Community Care Providers
Change to Come is also supported by caring devoted individuals who are experienced in
substance abuse recovery, overcoming trauma, crisis intervention and case management.
Glen Uhles
House Manager/Maintenance Manager

As House Manager for the men’s recovery house, Glen provides
recovery counseling support management for the men as well as maintenance services for the CTC
community. He provides encouragement and guidance to help the men stay focused on their program.
Glen's dedication to the success of every man is key to sustaining the service provided to Men
fighting to remain free from the chaotic, dysfunctional life of addiction and abuse
Denise Moody
Housing Navigator/Women's Support Counselor

As a Housing Navigator for BOSS (Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency) Denise provides
support to the women and community referrals to clients of CTC. Denise also works as an On-Site
Counselor at the
Women's Daytime Drop In Center In Berkeley. Denise works hard to provide a
sustainable and necessary service to the women in Alameda County who need supportive services
to survive and create opportunities for self improvement and self-sufficiency.
Sponsor/Group Facilitator

As a Sponsor/Group Facilitator, Rebecca has six years clean and sober and volunteers by facilitating
our women’s group therapy session on Wednesdays. Rebecca devotes her time to empowering other
women to help them live a life free of addiction and abuse. Rebecca wanted to give back and be a
that makes a difference. She sets a positive example because she stuck by her decision to Change
her life and be there for her children. Rebecca is truly making a difference in the lives of women
and children

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Change to Come
Housing for single parents in recovery
Change To Come has been providing assistance to single
parents in recovery in the Bay Area since 2011

Change comes to those who
want to change

Changes comes to those
who fight for change to come!

Change comes to those who
get up and do something
about it..

Change comes to those who
do not give up.

Always remember:

We care about you!
Tracy Creer
Founder/Executive Director/Motivational Speaker

As a Founder/Executive Director/Motivational Speaker Tracy obtained a degree in Business
Accounting while raising a family. Tracy was a Financial Analyst for Comcast Cable for 17 years.
In 2011, Tracy Creer founded Change To Come to provide a much needed community service in the
Bay Area: housing for single parents in recovery from addiction and abuse. Tracy is spearheading a
mission that provides needed transitional housing for single parents in the Bay Area.
She has chosen to dedicate her life to fighting for people recovering from addiction and abuse in the
community in a powerful, life changing way.
A Community Devoted To Change
Happiness is not given
It is created by you.

No one can make you happy if
you don't choose to be.

Your fight to overcome
adversity is an Inspiration to
those who need Hope

Do you have a story to tell?

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Chandra Bankston
Writer/Artist/Human Rights Advocate

I have loved reading since 4 years old. I am dedicated to gaining information and being a self educated person.  
I care about helping people be the best they can be.
, graduated from the College of Automotive Management in 2007 for Web Development and Sales Department
My public advocacy work has been featured in the Oakland Tribune, San Jose Mercury and the
Tri-Valley Herald on February 17, 2004. In 2006,
I testified in the June 5, 2005 Assembly Judiciary hearing  at the
State Capital in support of SB 33 Circle of Trust Campaign to help modify
CA Penal Codes which gave support to
molesters in the home. I have provided case management and job development services for people who are
homeless and for survivors of domestic violence in California which included coordinating
supportive services to
remove barriers to self sufficiency.
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