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Supportive Services
Change to Come provides sustainable housing and informational support to aid our single parents in gaining the
tools needed to create self sufficiency and long term stability

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Change to Come
Housing for single parents in recovery
Change To Come has been providing assistance to single
parents in recovery in the Bay Area since 2011.
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Everyone who is apart of CTC transitional
housing will have contact information to reach
the Executive Director and House Manager
24/7. All emergency contact information is
clearly posted near the available phone in all
housing units at all times.
This workshop will aid participants in
developing: a positive outlook, a healthy
self image, increased self awareness,
effective communication, increased
productivity and a sense of accountability
to overcome barriers to  recovery and
self sufficiency
Clients who have a pre-existing diagnosis or who
need to be assessed for mental health concerns
and health care issues, can get support in getting
connected to health care providers in the
community to get the help they need right away
profiles and resumes for employment
networks, job coaching to prepare for Clients
can get help in job searching, creating
interviews and developing soft skills that will
aid clients in gaining and retaining
employment opportunities. If you have little to
no work history CTC will help you gain access
to community job development and training
programs to help increase your skills and
Upon the initial contact and acceptance into CTC, an
intake process will be completed.  The purpose is to
gain an understanding of the client’s needs, daily
sober living routine, support systems and
employment or educational goals to support an
individualized plan for continued success and recovery
Clients receive individual counseling in
building positive parent-child relationships
and creating a healthy family environment
Participants discuss challenges they are
facing and receive feedback from the
facilitator and the group. The goal is to
reduce stress and alleviate feelings of
alienation and aid clients in staying on the
path of a life free from addiction and abuse
Clients must be enrolled and actively
participating a recovery program
and/therapy. CTC will assist clients in
accessing a recovery program or
therapeutic support
CTC works with Community based
organizations to assist formerly incarcerated
individuals in gaining the needed resources
and guidance to re-enter society as productive
members who are able to be self sufficient. We
can get you connected to agencies and
information that will help you create a
constructive plan of action to stay out of
imprisonment, retain your freedom and
become independent.