On a Mission to Save Lives
Self Sufficiency

Change To Come works
with community and
healthcare organizations to
support our women and
men in overcoming barriers
to success.

We serve men and women in recovery
from alcoholism, drug addiction and
the cycle of abuse. We provide
transitional housing and supportive
services for people committed to
recovery and maintaining a life of

We promote the success of
each person by providing
stable affordable housing
while our clients are in

When a person in recovery has a
place to call "home" there is a much
greater chance of success. They are
free to focus on their sobriety and
healing without the added stress of
homelessness or the crowded
conditions of shelter life. They don’t
have to worry about moving from place
to place or wondering where they will
sleep at night.


We believe in the power of hope
because it inspires people to see that
a better life is possible. We want to see
people realize their hopes and fulfill
their dreams. Our dream is to help
people do more than just survive.
We teach them how to live.

Change To Come provides
a safe and supportive
environment for single
women, men and their
children to start over.
Change To Come offers                                  in key areas
Life Skills, employment preparation, Individual/Group Counseling and
Parent Support.

Change To Come is a place for families to reunite in a supportive
environment to create a new way of life together.
Change To Come is a place where men and women with children can
become self-sufficient again. Change To Come is devoted to helping those
who are committed to helping themselves.

We offer a place to live for those who have completed or are currently
in treatment and therapy for alcoholism, drug addiction and abuse.

We ensure there is
assistance available
24 hours a day,
7 days a week.

We recognize that a stable
home promotes a strong
family and healthy people
support strong communities.

So in essence, we provide
people in need with a place
to rest and rebuild their lives
with peace of mind in a safe
environment where no one
will hurt them or their children.

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Change to Come
Housing for single parents in recovery
Change To Come has been providing assistance to
single parents in recovery in the Bay Area since 2011
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