Meet Rebecca

Rebecca came to CTC suffering from
domestic violence, drug & alcohol abuse.

She had three months clean and sober, no
money and her children had been taken
away by Child Protective Services.

She had all the symptoms of depression,
anger, stress and anxiety.

After being in our transitional house for six
months, she regained custody
of her three children.

CTC worked with her on organizational
skills, self-empowerment, and
bonding sessions with her children.
After two years of being at CTC,
she was able to obtain permanent housing.

Today, Rebecca has 6 years
clean and sober and
she is one of our
CTC Community Care Providers
who helps our Executive Director facilitate
ourself help group session on
Wednesday night.

Rebecca takes good care
of her children and devotes her time to
empowering other women to
help them live a life free of
addiction and abuse.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Rebecca! YOU are an inspiration!
We admire you for not giving up!
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