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Positive change comes to those who DO NOT GIVE UP!

Although you may feel at times that no one cares or understands what you are going through….

You are not alone.

I know what it's like to go through the worst thing that can happen to you. I also know what it's like to feel that no one understands or

I also know that when you stand up for your rights, take care of yourself and DO NOT GIVE UP,
good things will begin to happen to you.

If I can overcome some of the most traumatic events in life and find a new way to live, so can you!

Yes it will seem impossible at times, but Change comes to those who want things to change.

If all you seem to have left in the world is you, there is still someone around to care about your life.


So, GET UP and take control of YOUR WORLD!

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Change to Come
Housing for single parents in recovery
Change To Come has been providing assistance to single
parents in recovery in the Bay Area since 2011
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Get up and take control of Your World
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Real Talk Real Life

provides information that encourages
you to take control of your life.

Topics like: self improvement,
communication, relationships,  health and
wellness, nutrition, biology, social justice,
technology and more.

Information has the power to
transform lives.

When you take better care of yourself, you
help make the world a better place.

Take in knowledge and learn how to apply
it so you can be the best you can be.

Everything you need to do
starts with you!

Your positive energy makes a
difference in the world

As long as you live, you still have the
chance to make a life for yourself
that 's worth living.

You still have a chance to believe in
yourself and do what matters to you

The choice is yours
Happiness is not given.
It is created by you!
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When you get knocked down,
your life depends on finding the
strength to get back up - CB