In 2011, Tracy opened the doors to her very own non-profit organization to provide an important, sustainable
service to the community.
Change To Come is a transitional housing community designed
primarily to help single mothers in recovery create a healthy life
with their children.
Tracy has also extended transitional housing and supportive services to help men in recovery too.
In 2011, Tracy Creer accomplished a great purpose she envisioned by becoming
the Founder and Executive Director of Change To Come.

Tracy wanted to make a change in the community for single parents in recovery who needed a place to call home
Change to Come serves this otherwise unsupported segment of the population by creating a place for people to
focus on recovery in a stable environment to support a new way of living.
A New Lease on Life
Looking Back
A Skeleton in the Closet
I Had to Give Back

In short, Change To Come offers an opportunity to start over, a safe place
to practice healthy living and a chance to become
empowered and self-sufficient again
Good Shephard Gracenter
About Change To Come

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Change to Come
Housing for single parents in recovery
Change To Come has been providing assistance to single
parents in recovery in the Bay Area since 2011.
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She felt she had no future, no hope and no way out. It was in this hour of darkness that Tracy found Good
Shepherd Gracenter, a six month treatment program in San Francisco.
The experience at Gracenter was life awakening. The Sisters gave Tracy a new direction and a sense of hope.
When Tracy completed the treatment program she had a new life with high standards and goals to complete.
20 years old Tracy became an alcoholic and eventually became addicted to crack cocaine.
Because Tracy’s life was so unmanageable and abusive she became homeless with her child, drug addicted, and beaten down by negative
images that surrounded her community.

Tracy became involved in a new community where she marched and protested for women’s rights. She took a stand for homelessness
and advocated for supportive housing for single parents.
Having found a new life of freedom, Tracy became a voice for
people who needed to know there was a better way of life.
Tracy gained a career position in a corporate environment as a Financial Analyst for Comcast Cable for 17 years. While working and
raising a family, Tracy was able to obtain a degree in Business Accounting.

Tracy is now married and has three children. Although Tracy loved her new life, the road to get there was not easy.
She still had to face the consequences that her drug addiction had caused.
Tracy recognized that her dysfunctional, self destructive lifestyle affected her oldest child, he repeated the life of abuse
she once had. Maintaining sobriety became a challenge while trying to undo the abuse to her son.

Also, Tracy was constantly being reminded of women who were in similar situations through stories from
They would tell her about women who lacked support to get
clean and sober, so their children were taken from them, however,
the cycle of addiction would continue once the children were returned.
As the stories increased, her desire to help parents suffering from addiction and the cycle of abuse grew